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“Rejoice,” said the Sun; "I will make thee gayWith glory and gladness and holiday;I am dumb, O man, and need thy voice!”But man would not rejoice.Rejoice in thyself, said he, “O sun,For thy daily course is a lordly one;In thy lofty place rejoice if thou can:For me, I am only a man.”"Rejoice,” said the Wind;…

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Her Beautiful Dream

To dream the most lovely and precious of dreams– A vision of love and of life so dear,To travel a road that’s uncertain – full of strifeAnd bring beauty to life, make the unseen appearTo follow on a star only seen from afar And hope, when that hoped for is still out of sight,To love,…

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–Behold, the Lamb of God!

What a wonderful thing here comes to the mind –That a lamb has come, both humble and meekNot waving great swords or with strength of a rodBut to lift heavy hearts, and to strengthen the weak To awake in our hearts that Spirit Divine Not to build earthly armies or buildings of stone –But a…

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All in the Golden Afternoon

All in the golden afternoonFull leisurely we glide;For both our oars, with little skill,By little arms are plied.While little hands make vain pretenceOur wanderings to guide.Ah, cruel Three! In such an hour,Beneath such dreamy weather,To beg a tale of breath too weakTo stir the tiniest feather!Yet what can one poor voice availAgainst three tongues together?Imperious…

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The Inner Fire

Courage! for life is hasting
To endless life away;
The inner fire, unwasting,
Transfigures our dull clay
See the stars melting, sinking,
In life wine, golden bright
We, of the splendour drinking,
Shall grow to stars of light.

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A Dream

He is a vacuum – “he” is a hole, He is all that is lost and gone from my soul He is an absence, the thing that I miss, He is the missing ingredient for bliss He is the heart to my broken machine, He is the water I need to be clean Why does…

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The Silver Cord

I prayed – Dear Lord, let me chain myself to thee, that I may never stray! Through thoughts of chains, a shining word, No chain, my child, but a silver cord.  In that simple thought I see, how thou higher art than me Foolish are we men – our thoughts are small, and low, and…

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A Morning Prayer

  Father, Thou hast made this day – I know not yet what it shall bring If Thou go with me all the way, My soul will lift her voice, and sing   If good may come, I’ll smile, A grateful heart I’ll lift to Thee For every good and happy mile, And sunshine lighting…

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