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Come In

Come in as water, come in as air,Come in as sunshine – come everywhereCome in as bread that gives me life,Come in as wine for sin and strifeCome in as daybreak to my night, Come in, my Lord, make in me light. We walk and feel that we are strong, When life and breath to…

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The Inner Fire

Courage! for life is hasting
To endless life away;
The inner fire, unwasting,
Transfigures our dull clay
See the stars melting, sinking,
In life wine, golden bright
We, of the splendour drinking,
Shall grow to stars of light.

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Written For You

Precious Dear Heart, you walk all alone And on and on, and on you go, With your restless soul all but unknown And your heart full of tears and woe Yet still you go on in spite of the dark Hoping inside that someday you’ll find, Amid all the spaces that cover this earth A…

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Come to the Father

When I wake up in the morning, I have my routines and all the little things I feel I have to do. Wash my face, brush my teeth. Make some coffee, and while the machine is working I put away dry dishes, and tidy the living room. Take time to pray, and commune with my…

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Love is Enough

  Love is enough for the loving, love without self’s alloy, Its mighty breast enfolding the flame of a secret joy. Love is enough for the loving as pure of envy and strife, It is poured as a fiery torrent from the brimming urns of Life.   Love is no money-changer, to weigh the return…

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A New Glow

I was praying this morning, asking for strength; this passage came to mind: “My food is to do the will of the one who sent me, and to complete his work. John 4:34 This passage brings to mind another verse that has been on my mind lately, and the light of the first gives the…

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Celebrate Love

Over the last couple of years, as I transition from “winter” to a Valentine’s Day theme, I have been impressed with the idea of Valentine’s Day, and how a day for celebrating love comes to us after Christmas, and during the cold of winter. Before anything looks beautiful, or has blossomed...

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