Her Beautiful Dream

To dream the most lovely and precious of dreams– A vision of love and of life so dear,To travel a road that’s uncertain – full of strifeAnd bring beauty to life, make the unseen appearTo follow on a star only seen from afar And hope, when that hoped for is still out of sight,To love,…

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O Wind of God

O wind of God, that blowest in the mind,Blow, blow and wake the gentle spring in me;Blow, swifter blow, a strong warm summer wind,Till all the flowers with eyes come out to see;Blow till the fruit hangs red on every tree,And our high-soaring song-larks meet thy dove-High the imperfect soars, descends the perfect love!Blow not…

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–Behold, the Lamb of God!

What a wonderful thing here comes to the mind –That a lamb has come, both humble and meekNot waving great swords or with strength of a rodBut to lift heavy hearts, and to strengthen the weak To awake in our hearts that Spirit Divine Not to build earthly armies or buildings of stone –But a…

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All in the Golden Afternoon

All in the golden afternoonFull leisurely we glide;For both our oars, with little skill,By little arms are plied.While little hands make vain pretenceOur wanderings to guide.Ah, cruel Three! In such an hour,Beneath such dreamy weather,To beg a tale of breath too weakTo stir the tiniest feather!Yet what can one poor voice availAgainst three tongues together?Imperious…

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My heart is full of inarticulate pain,And beats laboriously. Ungenial looksInvade my sanctuary. Men of gain,Wise in success, well-read in feeble books,Do not come near me now, your air is drear;'Tis winter and low skies when ye appear.Beloved, who love beauty and love truth!Come round me; for too near ye cannot come;Make me an atmosphere…

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A Perfect Moment

It was Valentine’s Day, and I had woken up early. I had thought Hubby was up too, so I made us some coffee, but he had gone back to bed. So I had a little time to myself, which is always sweet. I love having a quiet moment of solitude in the morning, to pray,…

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Something More Personal

“THE personal is not a mere figure for the impersonal; rather the impersonal is a clumsy term for something more personal than common personality. God is not a symbol of goodness. Goodness is a symbol of God.” ~G.K. Chesterton: “William Blake.’

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A Tearful Dream

“The sun shines, the wind blows soft, the summer is in the land; but your summer sun and your winter fire is gone, and the world is waste to you. So let it be. Your life is hid with Christ in God, at the heart of all summers — so “comfort thyself” that this world…

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