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The Good Riddle

“For who shall guess the good riddle Or speak of the Holiest, Save in faint figures and failing words, Who loves, yet laughs among the swords, Labours, and is at rest?” — GK Chesterton, The Ballad of the White Horse

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The Presence

I was praying today, and that feeling came again. – That feeling of vastness and great space. I sometimes wonder if it is somehow a feeling of that presence – of being in the presence of something infinite. I cannot stay in that space very long without finding myself out of it. Somehow I feel…

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Oh, Spirit

Oh Spirit — how may I enter God’s presence? How find a door that lets me in,When my heart feels tinged with the shadow of darknessAnd this flesh — burdened from the first with sin?Let there be some healing ointment —Some sweet smelling herb be found,To take away these blemished spotsThat the heart of me…

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The Secret

Oh Spirit of my Father – where art Thou? Thou Glad, Bright, Beautiful Being? Thou who makes’t the winds to blow,And the waves to roll, and mountains all trembling?Thou art in the thunder, and also in the windBut behold – a greater thing take flight,When the God of all worlds comes downTo whisper to a…

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The Woman in the Cottage

Sometimes I wake up out of a light sleep, to find that my mind has been huddled over it’s little spinning wheel, fretting and working to spin a thread, some little yarn of a dreamy story. I don’t know if it’s only me, or if it happens to anyone else. In those moments it appears…

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Her Beautiful Dream

To dream the most lovely and precious of dreams– A vision of love and of life so dear,To travel a road that’s uncertain – full of strifeAnd bring beauty to life, make the unseen appearTo follow on a star only seen from afar And hope, when that hoped for is still out of sight,To love,…

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O Wind of God

O wind of God, that blowest in the mind,Blow, blow and wake the gentle spring in me;Blow, swifter blow, a strong warm summer wind,Till all the flowers with eyes come out to see;Blow till the fruit hangs red on every tree,And our high-soaring song-larks meet thy dove-High the imperfect soars, descends the perfect love!Blow not…

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