Category: The Good Father

Joy to the World

This Christmas eve, the thing that is on my mind is on everyone’s mind – the thing we all do, joyfully, happily, merrily, in one way or another, is celebrate. Our homes are ready for it, our minds are set to it, and our hearts are “keyed” to joy. And it is an interesting how…

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A Shining Vision

  Father, this heart is hurting so, It throbs in pain, it writhes, it bleeds I cannot find the way to go, Groping through these misty reeds   Father – thou art my shining key And with thy name, the clue unfolds If thou gavest my life to me Then thy heart, my future holds…

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A Morning Prayer

  Father, Thou hast made this day – I know not yet what it shall bring If Thou go with me all the way, My soul will lift her voice, and sing   If good may come, I’ll smile, A grateful heart I’ll lift to Thee For every good and happy mile, And sunshine lighting…

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