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On Kindness, with George

“One thing is plain—that we must love the strife-maker; another is nearly as plain—that, if we do not love him, we must leave him alone; for without love there can be no peace-making, and words will but occasion more strife. To be kind neither hurts nor compromises. Kindness has many phases, and the fitting form…

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A Friend

Yesterday I received flowers – a late birthday surprise from some kind friends. So sweet, thoughtful, and completely wonderful. The sweetness in another heart thinking of you brings in that sweet sting of the real somehow; it adds that little touch of magic that raises it higher, and makes it feel like the Heart of…

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Celebrate Love

Over the last couple of years, as I transition from “winter” to a Valentine’s Day theme, I have been impressed with the idea of Valentine’s Day, and how a day for celebrating love comes to us after Christmas, and during the cold of winter. Before anything looks beautiful, or has blossomed...

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