Category: Discovering Reality

Restore My Soul

I was thinking how we operate so much on the physical realm – we walk, we talk, we breathe, we laugh, we run. And we pretty much know what to do to keep our bodies running, and our little corner of the world livable. It’s easy to imagine that if we have taken care of…

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One Wine Left

“O light of dead and of dying days! O Love! in thy glory go, In a rosy mist and a moony maze, O’er the pathless peaks of snow. But what is left for the cold gray soul, That moans like a wounded dove? One wine is left in the broken bowl!— ‘Tis—TO LOVE, AND LOVE…

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A Quiet Thought

I have been so busy lately, and you could say laden with many burdens. It’s not that it’s been terrible, just a lot of things, on several fronts at the same time. And it’s not that I mind the work, or figuring out the answers to the challenges life has sent my way. That’s what…

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