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The Riddle of Love

There is but one thingWhich is both work and wage,Both wound and healing,Both journey and inn,Both motive and method,Both master and servant,Both giving and receiving,Both law and freedom,Both antiquity and novelty,Both tradition and revolution,Both mystery and familiarity,Both innocence and knowledge,Both germ and consummation,Both child and ancient,Both origin and aim.~ GK Chesterton, mid 1890’s

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–Behold, the Lamb of God!

What a wonderful thing here comes to the mind –That a lamb has come, both humble and meekNot waving great swords or with strength of a rodBut to lift heavy hearts, and to strengthen the weak To awake in our hearts that Spirit Divine Not to build earthly armies or buildings of stone –But a…

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Written For You

Precious Dear Heart, you walk all alone And on and on, and on you go, With your restless soul all but unknown And your heart full of tears and woe Yet still you go on in spite of the dark Hoping inside that someday you’ll find, Amid all the spaces that cover this earth A…

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One Wine Left

“O light of dead and of dying days! O Love! in thy glory go, In a rosy mist and a moony maze, O’er the pathless peaks of snow. But what is left for the cold gray soul, That moans like a wounded dove? One wine is left in the broken bowl!— ‘Tis—TO LOVE, AND LOVE…

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Love is Enough

  Love is enough for the loving, love without self’s alloy, Its mighty breast enfolding the flame of a secret joy. Love is enough for the loving as pure of envy and strife, It is poured as a fiery torrent from the brimming urns of Life.   Love is no money-changer, to weigh the return…

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