Category: Discovering Jesus

–Behold, the Lamb of God!

What a wonderful thing here comes to the mind –That a lamb has come, both humble and meekNot waving great swords or with strength of a rodBut to lift heavy hearts, and to strengthen the weak To awake in our hearts that Spirit Divine Not to build earthly armies or buildings of stone –But a…

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A Dream

He is a vacuum – “he” is a hole, He is all that is lost and gone from my soul He is an absence, the thing that I miss, He is the missing ingredient for bliss He is the heart to my broken machine, He is the water I need to be clean Why does…

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The Bear Affair

In a quiet moment, into my mind wandered the thought of a bear hug – how nice it would feel for arms enfold you with strength, determination, and love. Like a bear hug. Quietly, the image of Bear slipped in. It was a warm and comforting thought, and in that moment, I thought of Jesus…

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