Her Beautiful Dream

To dream the most lovely and precious of dreams
– A vision of love and of life so dear,
To travel a road that’s uncertain – full of strife
And bring beauty to life, make the unseen appear

To follow on a star only seen from afar
And hope, when that hoped for is still out of sight,
To love, when no love is felt in return
But believe that someday all things will be right

To walk on when your eyes can’t see where to go
And endure when your dream and your light seem to fade,
To be strong on the days when you feel you could crawl
Or rise up and walk, though the dark makes you ‘fraid

To feel like your all has been given at last
And then find of a sudden all your labor and love,
To your shore has returned; but quiet, unexpected
And then seen in a flash – like the light on a dove

To see in a moment of precious delight
And know in your heart the life you have given,
To the seeds you have sown, was worth the endeavor
For your babies have grown into men and to women

To you, our Dear Mother, the best flowers we give
Though we know that our giving could never repay,
To the end of the world this life that you gave
It is by your love that we stand here today

To you, dearest Mother, we all take a stand
– For she stands in our hearts like a radiant beam;
To the woman who tried, and never gave up
Here’s to our Mother, and her beautiful dream

~ Watergirl 🌸


Watergirl View All →

Just a little flower, turning her face to find the sun. I don’t always feel his rays on me, but when I do, the warmth and the feeling is simply wonderful, and I never want to be in the shadows again. Isn’t he lovely?

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