The Treasure of all Existence

Friends, be honest with yourselves. Are ye beholding the open face of Christ? Do you lie with your whole natures like a mirror for Him to fill with His radiance? Are you obeying Him? Is the will of God the glory of your being, or are you merely ferreting about in this world to get something to have? It may be that you are seeking to love. Well, that is no better, if you want it for something to have to put into your mental pocket. No; love, love, but do not think that you are very fine because you desire to be loved; it is another and more ethereal form of selfishness. Deceive not your own souls. Give those souls to the Living One, and He will make them glorious. Let your own consciousness fill you with splendor, and you will know that it is an infinitely more blessed thing to be such as Christ was, loving the whole world from the depth of His eternal Godhead, than it is to be loved by the world in the poor littleness of that in you which is not worthy of the name of manhood or womanhood, for it is self, self, self. Let the love of God shine into your hearts and obey it, and then there is no limit to the eternal breadth to which your souls should go up; nay, there is no limit to the depth into which your souls will be able to pierce the very Divine will of God, which is the universe, which is the life, which is the treasure of all existence.

— George MacDonald, Unspoken Sermons

Photo by Théo Caron

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Just a little flower, turning her face to find the sun. I don’t always feel his rays on me, but when I do, the warmth and the feeling is simply wonderful, and I never want to be in the shadows again. Isn’t he lovely?

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