A Friend

B&B Heart on Heart
–George MacDonald, The Diary of an Old Soul
Yesterday I received flowers – a late birthday surprise from some kind friends. So sweet, thoughtful, and completely wonderful. The sweetness in another heart thinking of you brings in that sweet sting of the real somehow; it adds that little touch of magic that raises it higher, and makes it feel like the Heart of the Universe has touched you. I was thinking what a gift friends are, and how I can hardly express to them how very much it means to me, every time they think of me. A girl like me, a nobody and a nothing really in this great big world. Who has one dear friend in the world, her husband, who has so sweetly shared his life and his  friends with her. I was thinking and praying about how lovely this is, thanking the Lord for good people and sweet friends. My playlist was still on, and the song that came on was You’ve Got a Friend, by James Taylor. And I was reminded again of the Lord – of course! My greatest friend behind everything and everyone else, so wonderful and great I can hardly see him sometimes. He has always been my truest and dearest friend, and has always been there for me. And so the whole thing pointed me back to the Lord; for being the first one there for me, for loving me, and for bringing these sweet people, and their little pearls of light and joy into my world, to illuminate my darkness, to comfort me, and to help bring me home.

And it feels like more too. I don’t know how to say it exactly, but somehow it feels like coming out of non-entity, into being “real” in a sense. Perhaps we become “someone,” and more real in a sense, by being loved and cared for by others. I feel like I heard that somewhere before. Like Pinocchio becomes a real boy through the imagination, creation and love of his father, culminating ultimately in the gift of life from the Blue Fairy. I don’t know how to say it exactly. But when people are kind to me, it feels like I am not “nobody” anymore, it feels like I am “someone.” So our Father, by his love and care, and by thinking of us, lifts us up out of “nothingness,” and makes us “someone.”

It’s such a good reminder to be loving and good to others, isn’t it? How many people out there perhaps also feel lost, or like they are nothing, or that they can’t really see the meaning in their lives at times. And it is not really that they are nothing, for we exist, and so must be “something;” to be alive is to be something. God has thought of us, and given us life. But so many of those who are on the path walk a lonely trail much of the time; most of our battles are fought alone in our minds and hearts, and our life is really the quiet life of the spirit. Sometimes it feels like we are walking through fog, and we can’t see our own life and progress, and the reason or the good of what we are doing sometimes. It is so hard to see ourselves clearly. But when someone else thinks of you, their kindness is like a ray of light that shines into your world. Illuminating, and by their light that shines on you, making you feel like perhaps you do have value, and worth. And it encourages you that maybe your small efforts have some meaning and value in this world. And somehow, all those little thoughts point you on and raise you higher as well, back to the Lord and his love, his goodness, mercy and grace. What a beautiful thing a friend is in this world!

– Thank you, Father, for loving us. We live and breathe, and love you, because you first loved us. You brought us out of the darkness, into the light, and you gave us of your own life, that we might exist, live and be your children and heirs. What a beautiful gift your life is! Your life, our life; a reminder lies in that as well. How often we miss fully appreciating its beauty, and overlook the wonder of it all. How is it that we can entirely miss these great beauties right in front of our own eyes? Like the beauty of friends, whose love, encouragement and support brings us such sweet comfort and good cheer. I suppose it is telling of how very blind we are. Help us, Father! Bathe us in your light. Your light feeds us, strengthens us, and makes us strong and whole. Make us stronger, so that we may see your fair realities, and the incredible beauties you have made, and not miss a single one. Help our spirits to be stayed on you, so that we will see what is true and real by your light. Your light brings us to life, and helps us grow. And when we have grown enough, you resurrect us up out of our sometimes wooden existence in this world, up into your heavenly life, where you will make us real for evermore. How lovely and beautiful you are! Beyond beauty and beyond words, but not beyond our deepest gratitude and love.

~ Beth Frances 🌸

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Just a little flower, turning her face to find the sun. I don’t always feel his rays on me, but when I do, the warmth and the feeling is simply wonderful, and I never want to be in the shadows again. Isn’t he lovely?

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  1. You are such a beautiful soul! You have truly graced our lives. You are altogether lovely ….so glad you feel His LOVE for you! May You feel it every moment so that you never are sad or despair or think that you our little or nothing when you are so beautiful because you’re so Grace by his Spirit!
    Stay strong In knowing how loved you are to many….Because His Spirit dwells in you ….And has given us more than we could ever give you for you are a true friend and a deep and constant source of The beauty of His Spirit put into words and kind deeds…..dearest daughter and friend!

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