Written For You

Precious Dear Heart, you walk all alone

And on and on, and on you go,

With your restless soul all but unknown

And your heart full of tears and woe

Yet still you go on in spite of the dark

Hoping inside that someday you’ll find,

Amid all the spaces that cover this earth

A place for your heart and a soul that is kind

A place just for you, a room all your own

Where you can feel you’ve now “entered in,”

A home that feels like a true resting place

From all of the world’s impersonal din

And yet there is more – for the soul still craves

A heart that can feel you, that knows, understands,

That touches and whispers to heart “You are mine”

A soul that picks you, out of millions of strands…

Suddenly sounds of talk and of laughter

Back down to the earth your senses now draw,

You clear your head of smoke-filled visions

And turn back to duty’s inevitable law

Slowly from heart’s eye the bright vision fades

And the sweetest of dreams sound like olden-day stories,

This life that you live here – today,  it goes on

So distant its marches from airs of vast glories

But somehow, behind, is the song that you heard

The one that you felt once was written for you,

And a vision so sweet that it matched your desire

That seemed like some magic, or a bolt from the blue

Onward, Courageous Heartgo on!

The song came not to draw you away

From life’s true calling and its myriad tasks

But to fill you with hope, and bring strength for the day

For we are called our master to follow

In his hands to place all our burdens and cares,

Trusting his heart then to care for our wanting

And take in our own hands his cause and affairs

The road that we travel is different and strange

Our bread we must cast on the waters today,

So that its return tomorrow may find –

To find our own heart, we must give it away

But know this, Dear Heart – that every desire

That comes from above is true and no lie

Only first we must grow in stature and height

So that when we find it, we by degrees may draw nigh

God in his time brings good things, it is certain

Though waiting is hard and cold as the snow,

Leave in his hands, Love, all hunger and hurting

And someday your heart his perfection will know

For every man’s need there is a giver

And every true hunger finds at last its desire,

Not always in time, or in way we imagine;

He gives more for our dreams than we dare to aspire.

For every sorrow and tear that we shed

And every loss and seeming disaster,

He resurrects, and brings back to life –

Returns radiant with joy, and happiest laughter.

For every heart that feels lost and all broken

And every soul that fights to get through,

There is a whisper, soft and unspoken

Of a song that is true, and was written for you –

Dear young night, all covered in shadow

Do you know there is always a sunrise for you?

That the light will transform you, and call your name “Day,”

And change all your darkness to radiant blue?

~ Beth Frances 🌸

Dear Young Night

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Just a little flower, turning her face to find the sun. I don’t always feel his rays on me, but when I do, the warmth and the feeling is simply wonderful, and I never want to be in the shadows again. Isn’t he lovely?

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