The Gifts of His Child

Adoration of the Christ, by Gerard van Honthorst
Adoration of the Christ, by Gerard van Honthorst

Father, Thy son came down this blessed day

Let our hearts kneel down here where he lay,

To stop a moment here and gaze upon his lovely face –

A babe born new with eyes that shine as day


A moment dear heart – quiet thy roaming renditions

Silence all others – Peace lies here! – be still,

The Father’s gift to us is come – Adore him!

Receive his beauty and light – O mountain, thou hill!


The light to us is come to fill our hearts

With hope and joy; O come together and see,

What the Christ-Child brings us – see his arms

Are reaching and flowing with love for you and for me.


Hearts – leave behind now the old ways;

Behold here, the new – as fresh and as radiant as these

The eyes of this child – let us also see life anew

How do thy eyes, Child, look on the world, if you please?


Heart of a childcome to us Lord, we pray

Thy child’s laughter – this joy let us share;

Where comes this glad smile, this shimmering eye; and this heart

Readily open to others, enfolding them there


Mind of our Christ, pure child – into our minds

Impart Thy gift of sight, Thy light makes new

Loving and playful, yet longing and praying too

Thy joyfulness and labor entwined in Thy sweet Spirit’s brew


O Spirit born of the Father, whose Holy winds blow –

What music falls on thy ear, 800px-Gerard_van_Honthorst_-_Adoration_of_the_Child_-_WGA11655what strains swell your heart,

And lifts you into God’s sweet song? Let us hear it,

O Love – we pray, pierce us with Spirit-Song’s dart


Father – the gifts of Thy Christ / are Thy Child Himself

A child, and yet without flaw; all perfectly sees,

He does not miss the tears for the joy, for all things

He holds, from wisps of the grass to the largest of trees


Infinite wisdom and love shine  from his eyes,

He grew from babe to a man,  and yet without loss;

He did not lose beauty for sorrow, nor softness for war

Virtues held as stars cannot be dimmed by a cross


So here at thy cradle sweet Child, let us be reborn

Renewed by Thy Truth let the old fall away from our soul

Lift us by Spirit’s sweet song that sings and that calls

All of God’s children to life; making us whole


Lift us from sorrow to joy, from weak into strong

From tired into triumphant, to right out of wrong,

From toil into Holy Labor – secret life of the world

Of this fall and this death be born Thy Eternal Song.


~ Beth Francis 🌸

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