The Joy of the Giants

I was praying and asking for wisdom recently, seeking guidance on what to do in a rather frustrating situation. As I walked and prayed, out of the blue came this line from my favorite poem,


The joy of the giants,

The joy without a cause.1


A smile came to my lips, and even a laugh – in spite of myself, and despite the difficulty of the situation. I felt a secret world opening wide – something bigger than the present moment, and larger than the situation I was battling with and trying to figure out how to deal with. The sense I got was one of largeness, and one of a world as seen from this greater perspective. A point of view from which the end is actually in sight, and from which the victory can actually be seen from the heart of the battle. It suddenly appeared to me that the joy of the giants was simply a natural outcome of the ability that giants have, of having a larger range of vision. Somehow these giants knew the secret to having their eye upon eternity, while traveling through time, and they carried the vision of heaven in their hearts while their feet walked on the earth. They had grown large enough that their head was able to remain above the clouds, and so the light and joy of the sun shone on them always. Their apparent “Laughter without a cause” was not really causeless, but simply due to a vision from another world that gave them great reason to laugh. Their laughter seemed without a cause to those who could not see what they saw, and yet what they saw was so great it brought laughter.

What they saw was the reason for their hope, and the secret of The Joy of the Giants. We hear tell of heavenly things, and we know in some sense that they are real – in some sense. But somehow the heavenly things don’t feel as real as our every day life does; for some reason we have a hard time seeing heaven for the trees, and these fields, and the daily struggle as we trade in the things of this earth. But to gain that radiant vision that gives the joy of the giants – to have that perspective that would render everything out in its true nature, and could reveal everything as it really is by its light… That would be quite an amazing thing – like changing your focal point so you can suddenly see the images come to life in a magic eye image. Only in this case I think you wouldn’t lose sight of one “world” or focal field, to gain another. I think you would find that the new light brought heaven and earth together into a new focus, to form a new and fuller picture. Some of the things you previously thought were wonderful and bright might shrink a little and lose their allure. And some of things that didn’t really seem that interesting might suddenly pick up the light, and glow in a way you never saw before. But all the pieces would begin to make up a whole, and show a picture coming to life in 3D; a fuller image than the simple frames you had before.

I think for me the times when heaven and the heavenly vision becomes more real, are when the things of this earth lose their luster and disappoint me – those moments when I feel empty, lonely, or aching. Mercifully, I have plenty of those times. I think for me it is through these cracks in the surface of this world that heaven finds a door to come in. When my heart feels restless, and begins to look for more, then the eyes of my heart begin to search more intently, and begin to take better notice of the beauty in the rays of light. I also feel that the times I have really asked for help, I have received it; I am so grateful and humbled by the answers I have received when searching for truth in these rays of light. The perspective I was reminded of in that moment was so perfect – that this situation is just a moment in time, and so not to be seen or judged on its own; that this difficulty will not only pass, but will also have a full resolution. And the knowledge that all things will be made right, and be brought together to make a good and perfect end, really did make all the difference. I walked away from that moment with a little piece of heaven in my heart, and I felt warmed and comforted. In its light I was able to re-focus, and I was reminded that my situation, when seen in the light of eternity was not nearly as bad as it seemed. I was able to go back to my situation after that with peace and a projected view of a good end in my sights, instead of mere desperation and frustration. The reminder was timed perfectly, and I got the message.

Father – thank you for always helping us when we ask; it is so hard to have and to hold on to your heavenly vision while we are here, among the things of this world. And yet somehow this journey is needful to bring our heart and soul to you. It is hard to remember – because we can’t see all the pieces – that you are always working to help each one of us, ever helping each person’s story come to a good ending. Thank you for your rays of light, that come down to earth to find us and bring us your true vision and truth, even when we don’t always know or remember to come to you for help. Help us to remember you, and to keep our heart’s eye set on you; to keep coming back to you, so that you can refresh our vision, and re-tune our sight, that we may see things as you see them, and know the secret of the joy of the giants. We ask that you will give us your spirit, so that it may guide us ever more to you, and in to your light and truth.

– Amen.



I’m singing a new song, with Bear. 🐾


1) GK Chesterton, The Ballad of the White Horse


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