Letting the Light In

It’s an interesting thing to notice, that the sun shines on the whole earth, and yet only some things come to life by the sun’s rays. Only some things actually “react” to the light, and let the light bring new life to them. For all the sun may shine on a rock, the sun’s rays will never cause a rock to bud, or to grow new clusters. But the sun shines on a plant, and it’s a whole new world – a plant is the kind of thing that is receptive to the light, and so the light of the sun is able to power that plant so that it can bring forth new life, new growth, and the good fruit it was made to create. But plants are not “willed” creatures, they simply live the life they are given, and they react beautifully and perfectly to the life bearing light that creates beauty and growth in their branches.

We are creatures of will, and so we can choose to be receptive, to let the light in, and react to the light. Or we can shut the windows and close the blinds, pull our spiritual blankets over our heads, and fall back into unconscious sleep. It reminds me a little of falling in love. There may be a radiant wellspring of love in the heart of a man for a woman, but if she does not notice him, and is not affected by the out-flowing of love from his heart, then the vibes he is sending will not find a receptive cell in which they can fully come to life. She may be completely unaware of him, when all the while his heart is burning with love for her, wanting to be a part of her world, part of her life, and wanting to share all the love that is growing in his heart for her. As long as she is out of sync with the beating of his heart, then all the love that pulses in his heart for her will have no meaning at all, and will not warm her soul or breathe new life into her being.

But if she notices, if she sees that there is something different about this man and the way he looks at her, then a change begins to take place. She suddenly becomes more aware of him, and more attuned with the vibrations his heart is sending, and if her heart opens to him, then she begins to warm to his affections, and to look for the signs he is sending. Once her spirit connects with his, there is an almost instant growth into life, a vibrant growing out of tendrils towards the heart of the other soul; seeking, connecting with, sending, receiving and reciprocating a love that suddenly blooms and fills both hearts with love, with hope, and with joy. Suddenly the world that had seemed so ordinary and dull seems to burst into color, for the new born joy that inhabits the soul and the heart of the new lovers. But none of this can happen unless she opens her heart to him, and until she becomes receptive, responsive, and reactive to his love.

So it is for us – God is always there, shining on us, warming us, and sending his sweet and beautiful rays out and into our soul. And when we are open to him, looking for him, and ready for him, he can come in, and fill our souls with his life. His light is always shining on us, ready for the moment of awakening into recognition, ready to fill us with wonder and surprise – unless we are distracted and don’t notice for some reason. If we don’t notice, if we are not in tune with that frequency, listening for those whispers, with our faces turned towards the light of his sun with joyful expectancy for what will come next, we will miss the next transmission. His rays not only bear light and hope, but they are a light bearing an infusion of life, that will bring the very joy and happiness that our hearts want so very much.

Only it is an air we must open ourselves entirely up to – we must allow this light to take us where it will, show us what it wants, and to move within our soul as it must. This is not a wind that we can rustle up ourselves, or harness to suit our own desires, to power the sail of our own minds, or that can be fitted or fuel our own pleasures or preferences. In order for this light to bring us its very light and life, we must become its conduit and receptive cell, not its master. Only then can the life rays he sends into our souls truly be received, and find that open place in our hearts. Then his life can begin to flow through our veins, and transform our souls; then he can begin to fill our world with light, our minds with clarity, our souls with peace, and our hearts with love. Then his life in us will burst forth in radiant strength and beauty, and we will be able to grow into the joy-filled life we were truly meant for. In the end, is that not what our heart desires? Is this not what it is to be truly full of life, in the deepest sense?

Father – thank you for this new day. Thank you for the joy you have and the life that you give – that you are constantly sending forth and giving out, whether we notice it or not. You are shining all the time, around me all the time, but I am not always thinking about you, open to you, in communion with you. Help me to feel the breath of your spirit, and to take the time to notice the beauty and warmth of your rays. Help my soul to feel the goodness and warmth of your light, and let the windows of my soul open up to receive your light. Let me not be as the stony ground, but as a hungry earth, ready and waiting for you. Father, let your light find a joyful welcome in my soul! Let your life come in to me and grow in me; let me be in you, as you are in me. Let me receive more and more of your light into my soul, and let your life surge through my veins and bring new growth, a blossoming of a new spirit, and your new life.



It may be cloudy, but I’m going to lay out, and wait for the sun to shine. (With bear.) 🐾


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Just a little flower, turning her face to find the sun. I don’t always feel his rays on me, but when I do, the warmth and the feeling is simply wonderful, and I never want to be in the shadows again. Isn’t he lovely?

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