Light, or Darkness?

I was thinking about how you can’t love the light, and also like darkness. You can try to do it for a little while – and during that time it is so easy to say to ourselves,  “It’s alright – I’m not really going dark.” Somehow you don’t even think out clearly all the rest of it – the part of you that wants something the dark side has to give is quite stealthy as it reasons quietly with you in dark whispers and undertones. Not yet . Soon. I need this!  Or “Can’t I just have a little time to relax and have fun? – Isn’t it alright to have a little fun?” So the whispers murmur softly on in silent threads, and your mind slowly gives in  as the darkness comes in.

But if we want to love goodness and light, and be children of the light, we have to let it in absolutely, and embrace it completely. And it’s not just about wanting to be children of the light, but also about reaping the benefits the light has to give. If we want to be a part of the world of light, we must submit to its laws. If we can bring our heart and soul into submission to this beautiful and shining light, then it can come in and begin its work of healing the wounds, undragoning our hearts and converting us into children of light, and sons of God. But in order to do that, we must let go of all the little bits of darkness that hide in the nooks and crannies – in the end we will find that we can’t keep even the tiniest little bit of darkness.

Because light and darkness just can’t mix, like water and oil. The one is actually absolutely incompatible with the other, and even stepping into that idea – thinking that we can have one little dark corner in your soul, and still be a child of goodness and light – it will begin to affect our whole spirit and outlook. It is hard to love being in the light when our actions or thoughts have not been that great… And we can’t like the things that are done in the dark, if our soul is trying to be in line with goodness and light. The one will be constantly be working against the other. In the end, we will have to chose one over the other. The only way out is to ask God for help, because sometimes we do really want the things that are bred in the dark, and sometimes it really seems like we can’t help ourselves. But until we really understand that all darkness is a disease, and that it will absolutely infect our soul’s purity, our actual ability to be good, our capacity to understand truth, and our ability to make good decisions, we will be in danger of becoming false, out of sync with reality and the truth, and our “light” will really end up being darkness. But the Father of our souls can help us to grow stronger, and learn how to resist and fight against the darkness. In these moments, prayer is the cry and salvation of our souls.

Father, forgive my sins. Forgive me for the darkness that is in me – for those little shadows I allow to continue and keep bringing in to my life. Help me to love you and your light more than I want the darkness. Help me to open the windows of my soul to you, so that your light can come in, and help me to learn how to send the darkness away. – Come live in me, and be my light, my joy, and my song.


~ Beth🌸

I’m singing a bear song. 🐾






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