The Girl in the Window

I had a dream last night, and it moved me so much, I though I ought to write it down. The night before I was thinking about superhero costumes, and I had just read MacDonald’s chapter on Sorrow, the Pledge of Joy. And somehow these converged into a story in the land of dreams.

I dreamed I was in a large old mansion, and the mood was very somber and sad. It seemed that there had been a great man – a hero, who had lived there and had been master of the house, but who had ceased to be a great man, and had left and abandoned everyone. The staff was sad that they had lost their master, and I heard tell of a woman the master had loved deeply, but had also abandoned along with the rest. There was a new person at the head of operations in the grand old house, and preparations were being made to sell all remaining items that had not already been sold, and to liquidate the property.  This new property manager was inspecting old furniture to be sold, and reviewing it with one of the old servants. As they were going through an old bureau, a ring was found in the bottom drawer. The property manager looked at it, and deeming it not important, gave it to the servant. The old butler was inspecting an old family book, and looking up he took the piece, and looked over the ring closely. It was a ring with three clusters of diamonds (three in each cluster), and tiny delicate leaves. Then he glanced at the book he had been holding in his hand, and on the open page was a two page drawing, flowing with scrollwork, flowers and tiny birds – either a piece of a family crest or a family tree. And as he looked back at the ring, he saw that it was a replica or representation of the little flowers that appeared here and there within the delicate lines of the artwork. A courier appeared to take away a package, and the butler took the courier aside, and along with some instructions gave him the ring.

The courier took the ring to the address given, and the door opened into a beautiful sunlit penthouse, filled with beautiful furnishings, pieces of art and other decorations. As the servant who opened the door accepted the ring, all of a sudden the courier began to see that all the decorations, pieces of art and furnishings had come from the old mansion he had just been at before. It dawned on him that this was the new lodgings of the master of the previous house, and knowing the state of affairs at the old mansion, the courier was overcome with sadness. How could anyone be so cruel, and abandon his staff, the people he supposedly cared about, and the very woman he said he loved? So the courier asked for an audience with the master of the house. The master saw the courier out on his terrace, and the sun was setting. The man the courier saw was sitting in an evening robe, watching the last of the light fade, and mostly concealed by this time in the shadows. The courier began to ask him how he could have left everyone behind, and how he could be so callous and uncaring? How could he abandon not only the servants who had been loyal to him for so many years, but the woman he claimed to love? The master of the house looked out over the terrace and said “I need you to do me a favor. Will you do it?” And the courier thought about it, and he said that he would. So the master brought a rope, and asked the courier to lower himself down the side of the building to the fourth floor down. There, in a window was an object that must be photographed. So the courier took the camera, and with much difficulty (being his first time) let himself carefully over the side of the building. He swung from side to side, slipped, and struggled as he tried to let himself down the rope; but he finally did so, and arrived at the window. Looking into the apartment window, he saw a woman, softly lit by a little lamp on the kitchen table. The woman was crying. He suddenly knew that this was woman the master had loved, and that she was in the very same apartment building – under his very roof, and yet not knowing it. For the master had bought out the whole building, so that he may keep her under his care, and that nothing bad should come to her at the hands of other landlords. Slowly the courier began to see that perhaps the master had not been so callous after all. He began to realize that the whole time the master had been away, he was making preparations to make a new and much better home for his love, and even his loyal servants. And that while he had to depart suddenly, and leave everyone in the dark, it was for a good reason. But not only that, but that the time of darkness and sadness was not to last forever, soon there would be a joyful reunion, and everyone would be safe, and joyfully reunited, and love and friendship would be restored and made even stronger and brighter than before.

The significance of the dream did not hit me till I woke up and reviewed it in my mind, and all of a sudden it hit me. It encouraged me so deeply to know that I am not forgotten. (It reminded me of the film Anthony Zimmer, which I loved.) It gave me further hope that the answers are coming, and that my Lord has a plan for taking care of me and my needs, even if I cannot see the answers right now; the answers are coming.


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Just a little flower, turning her face to find the sun. I don’t always feel his rays on me, but when I do, the warmth and the feeling is simply wonderful, and I never want to be in the shadows again. Isn’t he lovely?

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